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The longer I lie awake
The longer I have to think
Of what I’ve done to you.
Ehat I’d give to have this burden
Walk away for good
Just as you’ve done.



Too often do I lie awake
Hungry for touch and
Parched for affection.

I find myself making promises
To keep hope alive.
But little do I know-
It’s fear that drives me to action.



Back from Basic Training and Full of Change

I’m looking around and seeing that things here haven’t changed a bit-in both the civilian world and the Internet realm.

Oh well. On to better things, and more writing.



A Dangerous Price They Gladly Pay

How many more lives
must suffer at the hands of
what they call
a necessary fight?

Become the Change They Fail to Bring

They say change can come
to those who believe.
But what they fail
to see if action—
not to mention relief.

Change will never come
to those relying on
Bloodshed and hate.

What we need is protest.
What we need is
Action for our own fates.

Let go of the lies,
And stop hating those
who refuse.

They make much more
sense, and take far more
action than those in power
will ever choose.

Millions fall
at our hands,
but each time the outcome
will never be shown.

They bless us
for our ignorance.
They take our money
for the price of more drones.

Can’t you see
beyond the glass screen
of lies?

How many more
Will it have to take
For us to wake to
the sound of all their cries?

So drop your petitions,
and shun those who
tell you not to try.

Take action in
the streets, and become
the change we wish to see.
Don’t lie down
And let them all die.



Gaining Immunity in More Ways Than One

It never comes as a surprise
when the worst of our pain
comes from those we loved
the most.

A Feeling Far Worse Than Pain

You never know why someone stops talking to you. You just know that everything stops. Everything slows down, and the only thing you can do is despondently try to stop thinking about it. Funny how we take consistency for granted only to worry about the sudden cease that comes with silence

Or maybe that’s just me.